Don’t take our word for it.

You’re used to every carrier telling you how great they are, we get it. The Redbone Difference is that our drivers speak for themselves.  

“It’s the best company I’ve ever worked for in my 20 years. They really look out and have your best interests at heart.”


With a 20-year background, I really look for the right company and I’ve had such a great experience with Redbone. From ownership, to management, to dispatch, to our maintenance department — they really look out and have your best interests at heart. If you’re looking for a good company to call home, I would highly recommend checking us out.


Redbone is a great place to work. The company is growing and as such, has had some growing pains. They’re in need of more drivers, which puts more pressure to cover all the existing routes. This leaves plenty of hours for everyone. The owner is always available and has created a very friendly atmosphere. Any issues that arise is taken care of promptly and they are always willing to help. I’ve worked for Redbone for about 4 years and am glad I chose to work here!😀


I’ve worked at or with several carriers and many of them left a bad taste in my mouth. Either by lying to drivers or treating them like they’re expendable, something is always wrong. I love being at Redbone because I don’t need to worry about that anymore. Everyone here loves every driver and they’re not making empty promises to new recruits. Upper management is very involved in daily operations and wants to keep their fingers on the pulse to make sure that drivers are happy. They’re constantly working on ways to improve the work environment.


Variety of positions to easily switch. Best management of all companies have worked with. You are put first here. Trust this company. You want money this place will give you unstoppable mileage. You want be home alot… this place give you that too.


Everything you need to know about trucking through redbone its worth your time with the company. Excellent safety program and bonus program, brand new equipment and management will help you through every aspect of your trucking job experience. Great benefits too.


They try very hard to help us. I would recommend this company, they keep the trucks in top condition. They work hard at keeping their employees happy. Very fair with any problems. Have regular pay raises and such. Good health program.


This is a very good job. A very good job. Out of all of the companies I have worked for in 35 years of trucking… This is the best company I have worked for. I love getting paid every week. Love this job. If you ever have a problem, you get helped really quick!


Owner was very hands on and easy to talk to…Management was very easy to get along with and it was a very easy, fun place to work, and you could make alot of money…But you did have to work hard.


Redbone is a very good company to work for. l have 38 yrs experience doing over the road driving plus hauling coal so I know a great company when I see one. I would recommend this company to anyone.


My husband and I absolutely love working here. Driving together is a dream come true. Working for Redbone is like having another family..a functional one..lots of support and room to grow.


Best company to work for, always looking forward to going to work. Best environment and people always look forward to seeing everyone.


Been driving for Redbone Trucking for over 7 years now. The office staff is very friendly, supportive and knowledgeable. Awesome company for drivers!!


This company is staffed with the coolest people. They care about you, treat you well and make you feel good about them. I’ve worked a handful of trucking companies and RedBone is by far THE BEST! The owner/boss Al, works here everyday just like the rest of us. Al is very down to earth as well as the company is down to earth. Redbone uses new and well kept equipment, a competitive diesel shop on site and not a hassle to operate. I would never leave this place until i was ready to move on for myself.


I enjoy all the people who I work with. I understand and know my job and that helps me feel like I’m part of something great. The owner is very involved and has helped me through some tough situations. I hope to work here until I retire. If you have a problem, you can go to the CEO or any of the managers and they wont degrade you. They do everything they can to help you. I appreciate that a lot.


Team environment with a winning culture. Excellent place to work. The company believes in a clean, organized, and efficient environment. Management is reasonable and understands what all of the employees go through on a day to day basis. They have been compassionate enough to me personally, to understand my needs and try to best accommodate them within reason.


Most enjoyable is seeing the beauty of our country. A typical day at work is driving at least 650+ miles a day. The management is superb and has always worked with me. The hardest part of the job is giving up a normal home life. Examples like missing family gatherings/events.


I have worked for numerous companies in the past and Redbone Trucking is by far my favorite! We work hard, but we are compensated well, everyone is great to work with. My good days far exceed any bad days. The culture is awesome. We have breakfasts and/or lunches multiple times a month for all the employees and vendors.


The owner was my passenger as I performed the drive test. I’ve even learned a few tips from him as a somewhat new driver. The support was great and the trucks were in great shape. I had a dedicated run from Salt Lake City to Orlando in teams, weekends off. The pay was good with bonus pay for low MPG average. The initial training was as long or short as you felt you may need. They have monthly paid training from the owner himself with others. It’s a small business and great people to work for and with.  
(FYI, we now have monthly training online that you can do any time you aren’t driving)


Redbone Trucking is a great place to work. Everyone works together very well and works hard to make sure that the job is done right. It is a great place for self motivated individuals. If you come to work every day and do what is expected of you then you will absolutely love it.


Friendly people to work with. Great company to work for, they have good benefits, always having company BBQ’s. Fun environment to be in, the building is very well maintained and clean. They even have a gym employees can use. Overall great place to work.


This is the best company I have ever worked for! You’re not a number, you’re family. Highly recommended.


been here going on 10 years, they are very understanding and work with you. love this company, awesome owner Al he goes above and beyond to help you out. love my dispatcher , Corey always gets me home when I ask. if you’re looking for a home, this is the perfect place. 


Wouldn’t work for a different company. Neither would my husband. Eventually you find a job that makes your life work, and that you can stay at till you happily retire. This is that company. I Feel bad for those that skip it and go on to that next pos job. So, here’s your sign. Basically a 5 star company on google, considering anyone and there dog can put a bad review if they wanted to and no one really has. That really says something about a company and about us driving for them.


Amazing company to work for!! The people there TRULY care… the pay is top notch and they do their utmost to keep you moving!!!


I work for this company. Been with them since 4/2014. 1, if not the only, of the greatest companies I’ve ever worked for.