CVSA International Roadcheck 2022: What To Watch For

If you ask any truck driver when their favorite week of the year is, exactly 0 of them will say the Roadcheck Blitz week. Nobody wants to be pulled into port for an inspection, but alas, every year the CVSA sets out to conduct a 72-hour inspection spree. And as much as drivers and companies may complain, we all know that the CVSA means well and the effort is beneficial to everyone’s safety. And hey, more inspections means more bonuses for our awesome drivers! 

In 2021, the CVSA set their sights on vehicle lighting and drivers’ hours of service. The inspected more than 40,000 vehicles and found 6,710 (16.5%) to have an OOS violation. 1,367 of those OOS vehicles were cited for lighting violations, while brake systems retained its spot on top with 2,564 violations. 

In 2022, the CVSA is putting special focus on wheel ends. The blitz will come May 17th-19th but drivers will likely see increased inspections leading up to the 17th as well. Wheels ends encompass wheels, hubs, and tires and is consistently one of the most cited categories. Specifically, drivers (and shop personnel!) should be on the lookout for: 

  • Cracks or unseated locking rings, studs, and clamps 
  • Missing, loose, or damaged wheel fasteners 
  • Leaks in the inner wheel seal or the tire and valve system 
  • Broken or bent rims
  • Lubricant leaks 
  • Proper inflation and tread on all tires 

Though wheel ends are the focus, inspectors will still be looking for anything else – including brake systems, lighting, driveline, cargo securement, steering systems, drivers’ licenses, medical cards, HOS, and more. It’s important to make sure that you’re on top of everything so you’re prepared for a Level I inspection. 

At Redbone Trucking, we track all expirations and alert a driver if he/she will need to renew their medical card or license in the next 30 days and we will not assign a trailer or dispatch a truck with an upcoming expiration. If your company does not do this, you absolutely need to double check yourself. If your medical card, CDL, truck or trailer registration will be expiring soon, get them renewed ASAP. Don’t let your company dispatch you with a truck or trailer that will be up for renewal within a few days of your scheduled return date. 

Always do a thorough pre and post-trip inspection. Regardless of whether it’s a brand new truck or fresh out of the shop, whether the trailer is yours or a customers’ – do not gloss over your inspections. 

Be open, friendly, and professional with law enforcement if you’re being inspected. It’ll make the inspection go much more smoothly. And finally – keep your cab clean! If you open a door for a police officer and there’s garbage falling out, you’ll be much more likely to get a Level I. After all, if you can’t simply throw your empty coffee cups away, you’re probably not taking great care of your wheel ends! 

Good luck to all the drivers that will be pulling into weigh stations in May and stay safe!

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