Al Jones founded Redbone Trucking in 2005 after spending a few years in the trucking business as a driver and a teacher. At this time, he knew he had found his passion and wanted to make an impact on others in search for their own career goals and happiness. At 25 years old, he took out a second mortgage on his house to purchase his first truck and has not looked back since.

Al knew that consistent development of core values and company culture culminate employee satisfaction. He made this his goal – to have an open-door workplace, where any employee can come and love his or her job. From one truck to now over 100 trucks, we have close to 200 employees who love their jobs and make an impact daily.

Our employees are everyday people who take part in transporting thousands of products across the United States. We make the most of every opportunity that comes our way and have grown the company because our purpose is bigger than profits. We are driver focused. We believe in weekly home time. We are faithful to our core values and culture. We care about you. We have an edge over the competition.



We’re built to be the last carrier that a driver will ever work for. As such, honesty is a massive priority. We don’t overpromise or give anyone the bait-and-switch and our dispatchers are trained to be completely transparent with drivers.


No one at Redbone Trucking is more important than anyone else. We’re all a team and treat everyone with the same due respect. Drivers are not truck numbers and their hard work is appreciated every single day.


We believe in a work-life balance. We believe that you shouldn’t ever need to choose between seeing your family and feeding your family. We pay well and when we say we’ll get a driver home, we mean it.



At Redbone Trucking, happy team members leads to happy customers. We have a 16 year track record of performing with superb timeliness and safety, which equates to a more efficient supply chain for our customers.

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From the very first employee, Redbone Trucking has kept our drivers as the top priority. The safety, comfort, health, and wellbeing of our drivers is a commitment that we will never waver on.




“To provide the most reliable transportation of our customers’ goods and an excellent work environment for our employees by properly training each team member and equipping our drivers with the safest equipment as they transport temperature controlled, dry van, and tanker materials throughout the United States.”

-Al Jones, Founder and President


Wouldn’t work for another company and neither would my husband. Eventually you find a job that makes your life work and that you can stay at until you happily retire. This is that company. I feel bad for those that skip it and go on to the next job. So, here’s your sign.

- Kaytlynn S. (Google)

This is a very good job. A very good job. Out of all the companies I’ve worked for in 35 years of trucking, this is the best company I’ve ever worked for. I love getting paid every week. Love this job. If you ever have a problem, you get helped really quick!


- Joe D. (Google)

Working for Redbone is awesome. Great understanding owner, awesome dispatchers, and amazing shop guys! They’ve been awesome at making sure we get the $$ and home time needed to be happy. The guys in the shop work hard and if you need anything fixed, they fix it!

- Ashlee (Google)


We’re proud to offer a diverse set of positions that allow drivers to achieve their goals, whether those goals are earnings, home-time, equipment, or all of the above. Enter your contact info and our team will reach out to find exactly the right fit for you!